View Full Version : stock heads??

01-07-2005, 11:58 PM
again, i am new to this turbo stuff, but i was wondering if the heads on my stock 87 GN are any different than like say a limited with 3.8L motor? how come i never hear about head swaps for these cars unless your running in the 9's or so? i have seen aluminum heads for these cars. i guess my question is are these heads worth the money for relatively stock applications? or would a good valve job and bowl cleanup be sufficient?

the short time i've had mine i have found out that alot of the big HP gains i thought i could get from conventional parts do not apply to my turbo,

lesson#1,( i wonder if my local jr. college has turbo 101 class i could attend) LOL, i feel like an idiot, the more i research turbo applications the more difficult it becomes UGHH! :confused: