View Full Version : questions about turning up my boost

jeremy adams
10-13-2004, 11:17 PM
i have an 86 buick t-type that i got alittle over a year ago. It had mods on it when i got it( bigger injectors, bosch fuel pump, custom cold air intake, garret turbo). The guy i got it from said he rebuilt the motor and that it could handle more boost if i wanted to turn it up. I've keep the boost at 15psi since ive had the car. I've been to the track a couple of times too. My best time 1/4mile time was a 13.4. Now i'd like to turn the boost up some. I dont want to mess anything up either. What all do i need to do to ensure that i dont get any detonation of any kind while still using 93 octane fuel.

10-14-2004, 06:32 AM
If you have the stock turbo, then 22psi should be a safe level. Gut cat conv., put in some race gas (110octane) and crank it up! I run 27-28psi on a stock block, but have a bigger turbo. ;)

10-14-2004, 12:36 PM
Scott is right,, turn up the boost! From your post you have the performance parts to safely turn up the wick. A good street chip calibrated for your injectors should allow you to run 17lbs ~ safely on 93 Octane. If you wish to experience higher boost levels, higher octane will be required...UNLESS you install a Alky systems setup. This performance item will allow you to run at least 20-21lbs of boost on 93 octane--Best thing since slice bread. I suggest turning boost levels up in increments of 1-2lbs at a time--allows you to verify you have correct fuel pressure. This is were my next topic would be directed to... To drive your TR safely, a scanning tool is not only smart, but a great insurance product to SAFELY monitor vital sensors, e.g., .02 volts, BLM#s, TPS etc. , not too mention saving a head gasket from blowing....Have fun. :)