Oil Pump Priming Procedure
Harold Sparks - sparks_h@nosapp.nr.state.ky.us
This procedure can be used instead of packing the oil pump with white grease or Vasoline.

The engine should be reassembled except for the cam sensor and the top oil cooler line connection at the radiator. (See note 1)

  1. Put three quarts of oil in the engine.
  2. Take the lid (or see note 2) from a quart of oil and cut an X in it so that the end of the oil cooler line can just be inserted. This may take a
  3. little practice to get it to fit tightly. (You have 5 or 6 to work with, right?)
  4. Attach the quart of oil to the lid.
  5. Wrap a rag or something around the crude connection to catch the drips, and invert the quart of oil.
  6. Rotate the oil pump backwards (counterclockwise) to pump the oil out of the container. Do this until the container is almost empty.
  7. Remove the container.
  8. Reattach the oil cooler line.
  9. Top off the engine with oil.
  10. The pump is now primed, but you want to pump oil (prime) throughout the engine before you start it.
  11. Prime the engine with oil by turning the oil pump (clockwise) with a drill until you get oil to the rocker arms.
  12. Reinstall and set the cam sensor, and you are done
Note 1:
The intercooler and fan can be left off to make setting the cam sensor easier.
Note 2:
A properly sized funnel instead of the hole in the oil container lid should also work, but might be tricky to do by yourself.
Note 3:
The use of Vaseline is totally NOT NECESSARY with this method. And its use is NOT recommended (although it will still work)

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