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    About the Turbo Regals

    The Buick Turbo Cars from 1978-1987 are some of the finest looking and best running cars to come out of Michigan in many a
    year. The Grand Nationals from 1984 and up, have out ran just about everything at the Dragstrip, in almost any class. Up until these Grand Nationals, big block power reigned supreme on the streets and the strip. The Grand Nationals have opened a few eyes to V6 Turbo Power.

    The Buick Turbo cars from 1978 - 1987 are being collected by many enthusiasts. The reasons are many, but perhaps the main reason is the combination of luxury, awesome power and economy, all in one nice package. The 1984 - 1987 Grand Nationals represent the hallmark of these Buick Turbo Cars. The all-black exterior paint and the bulging hood reminds us of the muscle cars of the sixties and early seventies. The Turbo V6 engine, with all of its sophisticated components, makes us realize that technology, when applied in the right manner, can effectively substitute for cubic inches. (Introduction courtesy of the Facts and Figures Book)
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