Featured Car - Ben Todd's 1986 Grand National
Featured Car
Oh, if we could all have had such a sweet ride when we were only 17!
Ben Todd owns this very well kept example of an 1986 Grand National. Ben is only 17, and vying for the title of youngest GN owner on the planet! Ben bought ithe car in August of 2000 by himself (he alsowns an 1989 Olds as a 'driver')

Ben looked at this particular car for over two years before putting together the funds and buying it. The car is 100% stock (no really!), but the dread "speeditiis" has set in and Ben has planned a few very minor mods (K&N, 160 degree thermostat ... ). I think he'll find that once the disease has set in, it won't end there!

The GN has 100K miles on it and Ben got a real deal on it when he bought it for $5700. The previous owner also had another '86 T-Top GN with 41K miles on that he will never sell.

Ben is getting the license plate that says "MY1STGN"!! Kind of sums it all up, doesn't it?



  • 100% stock


  • Stock


  • K&N Filter
  • 160 thermostat
Ben Todd

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