Featured Car - Bob Kolhouse's 1987 Turbo Limited
Featured Car
Such a sedate looking little Regal ... until it rips your head off!
Bob's car is one of the rare Limited packaged Regals with the LC2 turbo drivetrain. It even has a half vinyl roof! Don't let the mild appearance fool you though, it has gone as quick as 12.25@111.1 with a 1.81 60 foot time! This an all steel, full weight car, weighing in at a heavy 3760 pounds ... must be all the options, including the gray leather interior. This beauty only has 34,700 miles on it. Bob bought the car in March of 1994 and is the second owner.

87 Turbo Limited
Gray Leather Interior
34,700 miles, 3760 lbs...all steel
PT51, V4 IC, MSD 50's, THDP, ATR 2.5" duals, etc
Stock heads, cam, and torque convertor
12.25 @ 111.1 w/ 1.81 60'



  • PT51 Turbocharger
  • CAS V4 intercooler
  • 50# MSD Injectors
  • Terry Houston Downpipe
  • ATR 2.5" Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Stock heads
  • Stock cam


  • Stock torque converter

Bob Kolhouse
Columbus, IN

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