Featured Car - Rich Braccia's 1986 Buick Grand National

Rich's Ride screaming down the track!
Featured Car
How would you like to see this coming up at you in the rear view mirror!?
Rich's car is a fine example of a very well detailed and executed combination. Rich built it to go deep in the 10s, but is still very streetable. Best 60ft to date is 1.50.



  • Stock block motor 0.030" over
  • Stock heads ported and polished
  • Manley valves
  • Roller Rockers
  • ATR headers
  • ATR Downpipe
  • ATR Wastegate
  • Stretch Intercooler
  • TE64 Turbocharger wiht 4" inlet
  • 55# injectors
  • ATR Stage Doublepumper fuel pump
  • Hemco plenum
  • 65mm Throttle Body
  • K-B Ram Air


  • THM400 Transmission
  • Transbrake
  • 3500 stall converter

Rich Braccia
Victory Transmissions

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