Featured Car - Adam Isadore's 1987 Grand National
Deceptively Stock Appearing!

Adam's car is a 1987Grand National that he bought last year. It is almost like brand new, since it has only 8,700 miles on the clock! He bought it from a fireman that was buying a house with his new wife. This person bought the car in 1989 and stored it in his garage pretty much since then. Through the years he only put 700 miles on it! Of course, you can't just let a beauty like this just sit, so Adam has put about 1,500 miles on it since he bought it. The whole car is in showroom new condition ... perfect inside and out.

Adam is a student at the Univeristy of Wisconsin, so he stores it at his house in Illinois to keep that perfect/new car condition. Of course, you store the car at Dad's house and he gets to drive it at least once a month (just to keep the cobwebs out ... yeah, right!)

Adam has had the car to the track and it has run as well as 13.3 @ 101mph with about 15 pounds of boost. That was with a full tank of pump gas and street tires with a 60 foot time of 2.01 seconds. He is planning on getting a scantool to continue to dial the car in and even better those impressive numbers! Twelves are just around the corner with some traction, some tuning and a couple PSI of boost...



  • Stock untouched long block
  • Underdrive pulleys
  • Duttwieler neck intercooler modification
  • Plenum spacer
  • Adjustable wastegate
  • Polished turbo
  • Aftermarket fuel pump
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Cold Air induction
  • Nice chrome accents on certain engine parts

Transmission/Rear End

  • Stock 200-4R transmission
  • Rear air bags
  • Larger front and rear sway bars
  • P235/60-15s BFGoodrich Radial T/As up front and P245/60-15s in the rear.
  • Stock positraction


  • Larger intercooler scoop
  • Embroidered floor mats
  • Boost gauge on the A pillar
  • 16 setting adjustable chip
  • Embroidered trunk kit from Poston's
Adam Isadore

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