Featured Car - Howard Bolam's 1987 Grand National

I think the license plate probably isn't telling the truth...
Howard owns a beautiful example of a factory stock appearing GN! He bought the car from the Turbo TRader in March of 2001 with only 32K original miles to go with his first GN (that he bought in September 1989 with 4400 miles). Howard says he had to have another GN, since they turn heads everywhere he goes, they are as fast (or faster) than many of the 60s/70s muscle cars he's owned he he's addicted to the distinctive "boost" sound. Howard uses this car to drive to work every day!


  • Factory stock engine
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • TA-49 Turbocharger w/stock exhaust housing
  • ATR 3" downpipe and testpipe
  • ATR 3" stainless exhaust
  • Big neck I/C modification
  • Syclone in-tank pump (hot wired)
  • Armstrong billet fuel pressure regulator
  • 30lb/hr green stripe injectors
  • K&N cone filter

Transmission/Rear End

  • Factory THM 200 4R
  • Art Carr shift kit
  • Art Carr Trans cooler
  • Stock rear end


  • Stock front and rear with KYB shocks
  • Air bags in both rear springs
  • Pinion snubber
  • Variable rate rear coils


  • Typical options, no twilight sentinel or factory alarm
  • Boost and knock gauges in pillar pod
  • Oil and water gauges in console pod
  • Factory stock stereo system
  • Performance

Not tested - Hoping for mid-low 12's

Howard Bolam


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