Gary King got his Turbo Trans Am with very low miles: less than 2000! That didn't keep him form making sure it was ready to show what it could do, however. Of course he knew what would work: He has another with 60K miles, and his brother has one with 45K miles! All are the T-top/leather package. Gary says this won't even see highway duty, since he doesn't want any rock chips. Any trips to the track will be on the back of a trailer for this Bird.
Here is a bit about his combo:

  • TE-44 Turbo 
  • ATR 3" Downpipe with WG100D Wastegate and 3" exhaust 
  • Level 10 transmission, 2300 stall converter
  • 37# Injectors 
  • Hotchkiss Lower Arms and Panhard Bar 
  • Bilstein Shocks/Struts 
  • Slotted Front Rotors 
  • Red Armstrong Pump and Chip 
  • Stainless MAF and IC Pipe 
  • MSD Wires 

Gary can be reached at

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