Featured Car Submission
Are you proud of your ride? Would you like to share it with the world? Are you a proud member of the GN/TType Mailing forums? Well, here's your chance!

There are only a few simple rules for submission:

  • Vehicles MUST be Buick powered.
  • You MUST be a member of the GN/TType Mailing Forums
  • You must supply your real name, email address, and forum "screen name".
  • Submissions should include:
  • Vehicle make/model
    • Vehicle year
    • Engine/Drivetrain
    • Owner's name and email address.
    • A description of performance, appearance or other unique features/awards.
  • A good quality JPG or GIF picture of your car. If you can, make a "thumbprint" for the main picture display and a full sized one for the "click thru". Please keep file size to under 500K .
  • A suggested list of things to provide information about is as follows:
    • Motor
      • Cam
      • Turbocharger
      • Injectors
      • Intercooler
      • Heads/intake
      • Downpipe
      • Fuel system upgrades
      • Cold air system
    • Suspension
      • Bushings
      • Air bags
      • Traction aids
      • Shocks
    • Transmission
      • Converter
      • Internal mods
    • Interior
      • Options
      • Gauges
      • Scan Tools
      • Stereo
      • Theft systems
    • Wheels and tires
    • Performance
      • 1/4 mile ET and MPH
      • 1/8 mile ET and MPH
      • Sixty foot times
      • Autocross/road course (if applicable)
    • Personal things
      • How you got the car
      • Special things you've done with your car
      • Why you like the car
    • Awards
      • Shows
      • Races
      • Magazines


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