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jeremy adams
01-11-2005, 07:55 PM
does all "race gas" contain lead? I wanted to turn my boost up some, but i dont want detonation to come with it. Isn't it bad to use leaded gas in an engine meant for unleaded? I've read about how it can burn up the "cat", cause damage to the fuel system, and something about the lead messing up the solenoids in the injectors. The highest unleaded octane fuel that i know of is 93, so am i stuck with that? Or is it ok to use leaded fuel alittle? If so are there any bad longer term effects?

01-12-2005, 01:19 PM
There is unleaded racing fuel sold by Sunoco, VP and probably others. I think the VP stuff is 104 octane.

Leaded fuel WILL kill the catalytic converter and will eventually foul the O2 sensor. The rest of the list (injectors, etc) is urban legend.

If you want to retain the cat, then only use unleaded fuel ... you can use Xylene our Toulene as an octane booster. See:




If you put a "test pipe" in place of the cat (for offroad use only, of course ;) ), you can use leaded fuel.

You can also mix it with unleaded for the desired octane (and reduce the concentration of lead ... which will prolong O2 life)


Another option is to look into the various alcohol injection systems out there ... they provide an octane boost and cool the charge enough to allow for significantly more boost.