View Full Version : WTF Instructions for Quad Air Fuel Enhancer

07-06-2005, 10:40 PM
Anyone have a set of instructions for the Quad Air Fuel Enhancer. When I purchased my car last summer I found this unit under the dash. I seen that it was not working so I removed it to replace the two batteries inside. In my own haste I did not pay attention to how the fuse wire was plugged in. Now that I have changed the batteries I would like to put this back in. I called Quad Air but Jane said to call back, that it was there old system and I would have to talk to someone else about it. My work has strict policies about personal phone calls and my hours pretty much cover Quad Airs'. So if anyone is running this or has these instructions, which way does the fused wire plug in?


07-16-2005, 06:04 PM
*whistle* That's an oldie...I had one. I seem to remember a connection going into one of the spare fuse spots on the block, but I may be wrong. I've removed mine long ago.

Frankly, I think you'd be further ahead to go with one of Red's "Volt Boosters". It uses the same sort of pressure switch to switch the alternator's field circuit on/off during high boost, accomplishing the same feat. However, less things to fail. I know some claim that the whole concept is flawed, but I have never experienced a problem with it.