View Full Version : fp regulator

10-22-2005, 02:20 PM
is it possible for a fuel pressure regulator to appear to be working properly, but not be? My regulator holds pressure when shut off, does not leak, and I get 1 lb. of pressure increase for every # of boost. But I still have a lean condition when under boost. All fuel system parts except the regulator are new. (see previous posts) I have tried all different pressure settings. I am currently running about 44psi vac. hose off. I have read other posts where they replaced a what seemed to be a good regulator with a new one and their problem was solved. Most recently was the "TPS" post in the drivebility section. Matches very closely to my cars symptoms. My blm are around 116 at idle and low throttle, but they are up to 147 under any type of load.