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01-18-2006, 04:03 PM
In your guys' opinions, how often does our stock TR sending units die out. Were they trash from the get-go, or were they ok for our cars. I'm about to drop the tank, and throw in this pump w/ hotwire kit, and wanted some advice while I'm in the "while you're at it, ya mind as well...." stage.
You know the deal.

I was told by a mechanic, (I know I know, very cliche') that the stock fuel socks sucked not only in design when they were new, but they degrade quickly as well. Not to mention, that to get 'em in there, the people on the Buick line had to bend and distort them to get them in the tank, further degrading their effectiveness. So my question is, should I just throw in a new sending unit/sock as well, while I'm in there, since draining and dropping the tank is no fun, easy feat? Or should I just check for function, and drive on with the fuel pump install. Anyone?