View Full Version : Quirky fuel related issues...

01-20-2006, 12:20 PM
Changed to 009s and I am still getting O2 #'s that drop off at higher speeds just like when I had stock replacement 30#ers. Brand new Walbro pump and hotwire and the common Kirban's billet adjustable regulator. Also, I always have to keep increasing the fuel pressure after driving around for a bit. I check the guage under the hood and the psi will have dropped about 1-2 psi after a drive. Also, after I changed to the 009s I noticed this morning that my fuel guage at the rail said I still had around 23psi and I haven't driven the car in well over 15 hours. I took the guage off and the guage dropped back down to zero. Thus, I don't think the guage is wrong. Could my fairly brand new fpr be faulty?

01-20-2006, 03:36 PM
Could be the FPR ... it would useful to see the fuel pressure while under driving conditions.

Also, the rail mounted gauges have a tendancy to be wildly inaccurate after awhile (unless it's fluid damped). The constant "jitter"of the fuel pressure due to injector pulses can wear them out in a fairly short order.

01-20-2006, 03:52 PM
Thanks. I drove it around some more and the pressure seemed to stabilize. I believe that guage I have is fluid dampened. It's that little one from Kirban. I think I'll have to spring for the extension guage and do the tape to the windshield. Speaking of windshields, doesn't it seem like random shrapnel loves to hit our cars? ...driving down the road the other day and BLAM!. An invisible rock targets windshield causing a nice bullseye crack. :furious: