View Full Version : Red tops?

09-29-2006, 02:08 AM
I bought a 87 gn 2 years ago and was told that it had 42 pound injectors.....
I've been trying to find out why my car won't stop detonating.. Now that
I've done some reserch I come to find out that they are #30 stock 89 thunderbird injectors...... "don't know if this was common back in the day".
Anyway, the chip that went along was a (street performance phaze 2) and
I can't find anything on that....... I do have a scan tool and everything looks
good with no codes........ Now I'm digging around for answers with no luck....
Even changed alot of parts yet still getting 6 to 12 retard at W.O.T.

Here's some info on the injectors in case I'm wrong...E9 SE-B1B 0280150756
If these are junk please let me know......... :rant:

09-29-2006, 08:53 AM
Those were once popular since they were 'larger' that the 28 lb/hr TR injectors. However, we now know that 2 lb/hr is no big deal. Plus its fuel curve, not just max capacity. And there are a LOT larger injectors than 30 lb/hr. Might be worth looking at a newer set.

Why not try a chip that is from this century? The chip profiles have improved GREATLY since the old days. And fuel quality has not. Get one from a known and trusted source. (i.e. TurboTweak, Red Armstrong, Jay Carter, etc.)