This information explains the purpose and operation of the mailing list of the Grand National and T-Type Performance Enthusiasts Organization. List subscriptions are offered in two forms: 'Standard', which will forward you a copy of each posting as it is submitted, and 'Digest', which forwards a compilation of posts made during a 24 hour period each day at 2100 Eastern US time. These are known as 'gnttype' and 'gnttype-digest' respectively. If you wish to subscribe, send your request appropriately. See the "How To Subscribe" section below.

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Information, Statement of Purpose, and Policy

Grand National and T-Type Performance Enthusiasts Mailing List


The Grand National and T-Type Performance Enthusiasts Mailing List began in May of 1992. After maintaining the list manually for a time, the list distribution was automated in January of 1993.

By November of 1996 it had grown to over 650 members. At that time the list was moved from its original location to its own domain of

The list now has thousands of members worldwide.

This mailing list is for all persons interested in the '78-'87 turbocharged Buick vehicles, including Grand Nationals, GNXs, Regal T-Types and Turbo-Ts, Regal Sport Coupes and the '89 turbocharged Buick V6 powered 20th Anniversary Pontiac Turbo Trans Am.

Discussion includes technical information, experiences, impressions, and parts sources. Particular emphasis is given to performance enhancements and racing. Other Buick powered performance vehicles are also discussed, as there is currently no other such service dedicated solely to Buick power.

Discussion of non-Buick powered vehicles (whether Buick marque or not) and topics of general automotive interest that deviate vastly from the focus of the list are generally not appropriate. Please limit discussions to those within the guidelines of the list's purpose. The moderator will guide discussions that stray from the interest of the intended audience back to focus or suggest the discussion be taken to personal e-mail.

The list is a forum for enthusiasts to discuss experiences and exchange information. Though persons with commercial interests catering to the list membership are welcome and encouraged to participate, advertising, product or service listings, or price guides are not to be posted to the list. Announcements of new or unique products are, however, welcome. Use of the 'TRader' is governed by the policy set below. See 'For Sale/Wanted Items'.

Though the enthusiasts on the list may belong to a variety of clubs and organizations, the list exists to discuss the cars. Discussion regarding the integrity or worth of various clubs and organizations or their participants or leaders is not appropriate. Discussion of club or organization activities which list members may be interested in attending, however, is welcome.

Profanity, personal attacks, and 'flaming' are not tolerated. Such behavior will result in a warning by the moderator. Persistent disruptions or inappropriate postings will result in expulsion from the list.

There is no cost to become a subscriber to the list.
How To Subscribe

The list operation is maintained using 'Majordomo' software. This software allows you to submit subscription requests to join the list, and automatically forwards list traffic to subscribers automatically.

Before subscribing, you should consider how you want to receive the list traffic. Two methods are available. 'Standard' allows you to receive a copy of each message as it is posted. However, it causes you to receive many mail messages each day. 'Digest' sends a single compilation of the past 24 hours of list discussion at approximately 2100 Eastern US time each evening. Both methods will provide you with all the list discussion, and both permit you to participate in the discussion.

To subscribe in the 'standard' format, you need to send a mail message to with the command 'subscribe gnttype' followed by your email address. For example: If your email address is, you would send a message to containing only:

subscribe gnttype

To subscribe in the 'digest' format, you need to send a mail message to with the command 'subscribe gnttype-digest' followed by your email address. For eample: If your email address is, you would send a message to containing only:

subscribe gnttype-digest

Naturally, in either case you would use your own email address in place of the example. If you are unsure of your email address contact your internet provider for assistance. Your subscription can not be processed without a correct email address.

Once your subscription request is reviewed and approved, you'll begin to receive the list traffic.

For more command information, send a message only containing the word 'help' in the text to
List Operation

To use the auto-forwarder to distribute your post to the list distribution, send your article to the address you will be given when your subscription is completed. Note that posting to the list is restricted to subscribers only.

Bugs reports, questions, and comments may be sent to:

NOTE: The SMTP "Reply to:" field is set to the list address. If you intend to reply to an individual about their post, please make sure that you send to them, and not to the list distribution. Anything sent to the list distribution address will be sent to _everyone_. Please use discretion.


Please insure that any postings are sent as plain text, and do not include MIME attachments, 'uuencoded' text, or any non-text sections. All postings should be made as plain ASCII text. If you are using Windows 95 mail tools or web browsers to send mail, pay particular attention to your settings. Turn off anything that will send your post as an 'RTF' format document. Posts not conforming to this requirement may be rejected automatically or held pending moderator approval.
World Wide Web

The group 'home page' is at and offers access to archived list traffic as well as a great deal of other information and links. The answers to many basic questions may be found on our web pages, so check them first before posting.
For Sale/Wanted Items

For sale and wanted ads are posted weekly as the 'Turbo TRader'. To reduce overhead, please submit your ads via the web at:

Ads must be for Buick powered cars and Buick related parts only. No exceptions.

You must send ads via the 'TRader' and not as individual posts to the list. Ads will be posted for 4 consecutive weeks on the Turbo TRader web pages.

You can submit your ad under one of three categories: Cars for Sale, Parts for Sale, or Cars/Parts Wanted.

Commercial vendors may only post items to the 'Trader' which are available at a special discount to mailing list members or cars and parts which are their own personal posessions and not being sold as part of their commercial interest.

Subscription to the list is at the sole discretion of the list moderators. Behavior violating the established guidelines indicated herein or repeatedly 'bouncing' mail are both causes for removal from the list distribution.

No warranty is either expressed or implied as to the truth or fitness of information provided in the list or archives. The opinions expressed and presented in the list distribution are solely those of the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of the moderator or any person or entity involved in the distribution, transmission, maintenance, or archival of the list.

All information is subject to change. Every effort will be made to inform subscribers of any changes.
Contacts and Helpful Email Addresses

If you have a question, suggestion, or comment regarding an aspect of the list or its services, please contact the appropriate party below.

Scott Keller - list founder and moderator
Ken Mosher and Rich Inacker - list moderators

Mailing list, policy, content, and questions:

List moderators

Mailing list, automatic subscriptions:

(Note this address goes to an automated script. Mail the text 'help' to this address for more info.)

Readers' Rides and Performance Stats, updating personal info:

Reader's Rides Login Page

World Wide Web 'home page', maintenance and access:

List webmasters

Other Helpful Email Addresses

Registry, '82 Grand National:

Dan McCann

Registry, '87 GNX:

Rob Wilson

Registry, '89 Turbo Trans Am

John Pearcy

Registry, Buick Pace Cars

Mike Meyers 

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