Reader's Rides Login Page
This page allows members of the GN/T-Type mailing list to access and update their information displayed in the following pages:

If you already have already entered information and you wish to change or update it, you need to login with your email address (as currently subscribed to the GN/T-Type mailing list) and your PIN number.

If you'd like to enter your information for the first time, simply enter your email address and you will be able to pick a PIN number on the next screen. Remember: You must be a current subscriber to the GN/T-Type mailing list for this to work.

If you are a new subscriber or have recently resubscribed or changed your subscription from the live mailing list to the digest, please allow 24 hours for the information to be updated in the database before attempting to create or change your information.

If you've forgotten your PIN, contact us at and we'll reset it for you.

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